GJP Construction successfully completes its first horse Manege (Menage) arena in Cheshire

Posted on November 3, 2014 Under News 0 Comments

GJP Construction have undertaken the construction of its first Low maintenance, high quality horse arena at the Outlanes in Cheshire. The Manege (Menage) constructed to a standard size of 40 x 20 metres involved removal and storage of topsoil over the area of the proposed construction, earthworks cut, fill and compaction methods due to the existing sloping ground, herringbone drainage systems, Porus drainage beds, geotextile membranes and the working surface for the manege of silica sand and shredded fibes. The complete arena being enclosed with tantalised timber posts, retaining boards and rails. With suitable gated access for horses and maintenance equipment. The works being fully completed within a three week period.

GJP Construction are in the process of negotiation of a further manege based upon recommendation from the Outlanes client and are actively seeking further opportunities to undertake similar projects.