Agriculture Contracts

GJP Construction has been employed by various contractors and individual landowners to undertake agricultural projects. Recently we have completed a farmhouse refurbishment and undertaken the construction of over half a mile of reinforced concrete farm roads in Staffordshire.

We have undertaken extensive works at two poultry farms one in Essex the other in Cambridgeshire. The works were undertaken to ensure containment of foul water from poultry operations and refurbishment of existing chicken sheds to maintain farm compliance with Environmental Legislation. External yard slabs were removed and replaced, new drainage, kerbing, installation of below ground effluent tanks, reinforced concrete silo bases. gas tank bases, formation of V ditches and general landscaping. Repairs to the existing chicken sheds were also completed this included, blockwork, brickwork, roofing, and concrete repairs to floor slabs.

With recent grants and funding available for the farming community in development of Anaerobic digestion plants that produce both heat and electricity. We can provide primary digester plant bases and associated tank bases.